Would you, Friend

Keith Lim
2 min readAug 17, 2021

You call me a friend then you left me astrand,
So right this moment, I’ll ask you some questions

Would you stay, if I stray away
Would you call, when I’m on my edge
Would you pour your heart while your still on call
Would you pick up the knife, to spread some more
Feed me some food, while I cry of hunger,
Peel me my layers, so I’m safe from fires
Heal my soul, when I feel so tired
Stand aside me, when I’m attacked by dires
Would you hold my hands, when I’m turning to a beast
The anger from within, like a time bomb on repeat
Would you call me back, if I called you once,
Or would you keep on hold until you feel you’re calm
Would you take a chance if the chance is zero,
Cause the void within ain’t gon make you a hero
Would you give a hug, or would you rather chug
A mug full of beer with your friends till dark
Would you make a bowl full of cheese and Mac,
Cause you know that I will love it like that
Would you take your time and sit and listen
Or would you hold your ear, while the right one drifting
Would you walk away, if I need some time
To figure out my soul, my heart and my life.
Would you apologize, when you hurt my heart,
Or would you run away, cause my heads not stark.
If the world would crumble, what would you do.
Would you trust in me like I trust in



Keith Lim

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