Have you ever wonder what’s the idea of a wanderer
Do you wander in the streets of Sicily or in the dessert without water
Do you falter when you hear the screams of people with no filter
or fall to the ground when your brain just stop to ponder

Does a following help
solidify your truth and facts
Nomad from the east
holding up with boots and tacks
Body tax
Rowdy max
Where you be, I wonder next
Hexagonal frameworks too
Finding meaning in Manjin Buu
Anjing too
next to you
Feel the fire in my shoes
Cross the desert for the glue
Mirage that exists
in your mind
told you water near the edge
Your two soles stepped on pearl white sand
then you’re lost in desert land.

So what it means to be a wanderer?
To feel the joy when there’s nothing too
If it’s hot and painful, well
the glow and show from the pearl still gold
H2O for the weak and old
A wanderer mind’s, his AK & coal


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