The Next Wave: Innovations for a Better Future

Keith Lim
4 min readMar 25, 2023
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The world has always been moving forward, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible. From the Stone Age to the Iron Age, the rise of agriculture and currency, to the invention of the computer, humanity has never stopped advancing. Each major innovation seemingly arose at the time it was most needed, addressing the pressing issues of the day.

As a software engineer, I am particularly interested in the role of technology and computers in shaping our future. Recently, AI chat models like ChatGPT have gained attention for their potential to assist humans in their daily lives. However, to understand the broader context of technological advancement, let’s turn back the clock and discuss the development of Web 1.0.

Before the advent of Web 1.0, sharing information relied almost exclusively on physical means, such as print ads and newspapers. The introduction of websites revolutionized the way we access information and connect with others. As the number of websites grew, search engines emerged to help us navigate the vast virtual landscape.

Similar to search engines, social media networks have transformed the way we communicate and interact with one another. Friendster, for instance, allowed users to socialize without physically meeting in person. This shift marked the beginning of online social spaces and provided a platform for virtual connections.

Now, as we look to the future, we must consider the pressing human issues that disruptive technology can address. Some of these current challenges include:

  1. Communication, Love, and Connection: As social creatures, humans thrive on connections and collaboration. The need to interact and bond is crucial for our survival and continued advancement. Future technology should further foster these connections and enhance our ability to communicate.
  2. Globalization: Humanity’s inherent curiosity and desire to explore have driven the boom in modern transportation, making the world increasingly accessible. The next wave of innovation should aim to bridge the remaining gaps between cultures and countries, further promoting global unity.
  3. Productivity: To continue building, learning, and growing, we must become more efficient. Innovations that increase…



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