Startup: I’ve been thinking of a way out

Keith Lim
2 min readMar 12, 2023

I’ve been thinking of a way out. A way to get out. A way to retire early and not work anymore, but that doesn’t just fall out of the sky does it. There are a few ways to do that, a few ways you could do. To work and save and invest every day. Or you can marry a rich man (I guess lady in my case), and live off the savings that their parents gave to them. Or maybe you can quit your job and start something new. Help the lives of many in hopes for some honeydew. Cringe your way out through some social media marketing, make some gains and some change, then you start to count your money. It ain’t gonna be easy, so let’s start from the beginning. How do you even start one, that’s the question we should read in. Let’s take a break, breath a breathe, cake up the rest. And look at the picture that will determine our best

ideas that will come to our head, but slow down a minute. Let’s focus on the details that will bring us some winnings. Some bread and dough that could give us some hope, some details from the start that could give us a golden touch.

Here’s an equation:

Profit equals Revenue negate Expenses

To make some profit, we gotta slim down our defenses. Get the revenue up, so that we can puff up the profit. More margin per piece of item sold, so we can keep floating. So let’s do some calculation, profit per unit sold. You gotta sell some value, and make some gains on each item. Find yourself a niche, a community who’d love your thing. Provide them immense value, and they pay you a little gold.

So if you wanna start a startup, maybe you should start observing. Who are the communities you’d like to work with, and what problems they have that stub their toes. Give them a solution, and make sweet passion with them. And maybe then they will, help you spread the word like a can of worms.

** This is meant as a writing for entertainment purposes and hopefully a lil education on the side **



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