Raining out

I love it when it’s raining out.
It makes you gloomy, but I get to hold
You so close inside my hugs.
Hold you so close it keeps me warm.

Water drips on the window pane.
But we’re too busy keeping each other warm,
And dopamine fires in our brain.
Keep our desire hot in-game.
I’m like a paddle board swimming in your ocean.
When I come on board, you keep me soaking.
While the thunderstorm drowns out our screams
On the floor or in our bed.
I’m on top then you on me.
Like a soldier or a pet.
I hear your shouts saying you want me.
I’ll call your name and say I love you.
I’ll enter slow and fast, I swipe.
To make you come through in my light.

My grunt and groans,
Your hums and moans.
While I hold your hands and keep you close.
Our bodies touching, I feel your warmth.
It’s the best thing ever I’ve seen come along.
Every drapes on you and stretch marks I love.

While the cold seeps in, my minds still on your curves.
I’ll grab your hair and pull your head close to mine.
To feel your storm in your mouth inside.
Our lips engaged, it almost never breaks.
Cause the drips in you, I’ll want it every way.
I’d want to see me in and also see me out.
I’d want to see you sit and slowly turn around.
Every minute felt like seconds. We still had work.
But every second felt like we’re in a world of our own.
Your expression of satisfaction keeps me alive.
It’s your favorite expression, that I have in mind.

As the rain slows to a drizzle,
I whisper in your ears.
“Would you carry my seeds”
“Baby yes, I’d like”
As the drizzle slows to a halt.
And the sun starts to shine,
As the rainbow starts showing,
We came inside.



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