Ergo Box Modeling

Details of a Box

Boxes are a core element within a UTXO system. It can be seen as an object that carries the value of currency within a blockchain. The beauty of the Ergo blockchain is that it provides boxes with registers that are guarded by a contract.

  • Store up to a certain amount of liquid
  • Store up to a certain amount of it (guard script)

What is Box Modeling?

Box modelling is a framework that allows developers or box designers to design a box to carry out specific functions. Having a framework allows structured and easily followable instructions to design and to comprehend the functions that are carried by a box, and how the functions operate.

Rules to Modeling

A blockchain is essentially a financial canvas. It provides developers, engineers, and designers to design financial systems on top of it. However, a flawed design will cause a system to be susceptible to security attacks, unscalable designs, and inefficient processes. To prevent these flaws, we have to consider the opposite of it when designing.

Three rules to box design

  • Security

Box Modeling Framework

Before considering the three rules. We should understand the basics of modelling a box.


Registers stores data in a few formats. These can be separated into, single data or multiple entries.

  1. Coll[Byte] aka String
  2. Bool
  1. Coll[Coll[Byte]]
  2. Coll[Bool]



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