Adventure buddy

I’m adventure, and you’re my buddy
No matter where we go, it’s our exploration.
To Fred Meyer, to pick up some eggs.
Our favorite like no other place.

To hike through the candy aisle,
Picking treats for J.

Or slowly climb the cupboard of
Pretzels covered with flav.

To swim through the sea of alcohol,
Choosing your favourite bottle Browne wine.

To picnic round the cookie aisle,
Looking for ingredients.
To plan our trips for the night,
What we’re gonna cook?
A Tupperware filled with lasagna
Or maybe some pollo asada taco too.
Grab some fish and cans of tomatoes,
Spaghetti and some ground beef too,
Cheese and crackers, yoghurt too.
So our adventures snacks never run out.
Remember the peanut butter, make sure it’s smooth.
On the rocks and some bottles too.

Time to check out and grab some chocolate fish
From Uwajimaya close by too.



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